Ingunn Helene Knudsen
Head of sales and PR and Producer.
Ingunn H. Knudsen has a BA in History of Ideas, French Literature and Psychology from the University of Oslo/La Sorbonne/Paris VII and 12 years of experience as a cultural journalist. She has worked as script writer, producer and editor on several series for NRK.
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Hilde Skofteland
CEO/Executive Producer
Hilde has a BA in Film and Social Anthropology from the University of Tromsø/Trondheim NTNU/Lillehammer. From 1996 to 2005 she worked for several of the major Nordic Production Companies (e. g. Nordisk Film, Strix televisjon) as a director of popular TV-series (e. g. 71 Degrees North) and as a producer of international co-productions like Survivor, The Mole and Top Model. In 2006 she founded Skofteland Film AS, and has since then produced a number of award winning and critically acclaimed documentary films and -series in the company.
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Kari Anne Øren Thudesen Line Producer
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Skoftelandfilm Film AS

produces documentaries and documentary series


Cabin Dreams
Orginal title: Hyttedrømmen

The Glamour Girls
Orginal title: Glamourjentene
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Memento Mori
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Harvesting the Wasteland
Orginal title: Lykkens Grøde
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Orginal title: Et lite stykke Thailand
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