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Thaifjord 1 (Org. title Et lite stykke Thailand)

Thaifjord 2 (Org. title Et lite stykke Thailand 2)

Harvesting the Wasteland (Orig. title: Lykkens Grøde)

Memento Mori (Orig. title: Memento Mori)

Cabin Dreams (Orig. title Hyttedrømmen)

The Glamour Girls (Orig. title: Glamourjentene)

Songs From the Street (Orig. title: Uteliggernes sang)

Shabana’s Choice  (Orig. title: Shabanas valg)

The Optimists  (Orig. title: Optimistene)

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Cabin Dreams
Orginal title: Hyttedrømmen

The Glamour Girls
Orginal title: Glamourjentene
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Memento Mori
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Harvesting the Wasteland
Orginal title: Lykkens Grøde
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Orginal title: Et lite stykke Thailand
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