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I am a film maker,BTS level 3 from Carshalton College London.I will be visiting Norway this summer and looking for people who think film to share my knowhow.
If you have something in development or in production this summer,I can be utile in various ways creatively. From camera assistant,graphic and motion graphics.
I can give the Queen of Scandinavian a lift,something extravagant. I am working on a similar project of late called Woman Era of impressario. I did just a rough teasing trailer last year with a german girl. You can have a look at Youtube.- atman4080. I have three clips there. Enjoy.
Hope to hear from you. Yours, Tony

Through the heart of time
I am shine. I passed diploma in Digital Film Making. This is my first attempt in script writing.
I would like submit the synopsis of my story for your merciful consideration.
According to Indian Mythology Time has been divided into four-1) Kritha yuga (2) Threta Yuga (3) Dwapara Yuga and (4) Kali Yuga (each yuga (age) Spans Lakhs of years). Here in this story the nature of each yuga (age)
Is revealed through nine mental traits that exist inside
A human being. That nine mental traits are given below.
(1) Saint (2) 0 –seeker (3) Divotee (4) Devot Dover (selfless service) (5) scientist (6) Artist
(7) Lunatic (8) Ordinary man (9) king.
(All the nine mental traits in four ages are enacted by one and the same person (Actor)
Krithayuga, which is the first in the wheel of yugas (ages) presents perfected nine mental traits that exist inside a complete man. Subsequently, as each yuga (age) ends the nine mental traits inside the man gradually turns imperfect (The Kritha yuga (first yuga) was such a great yuga (age) that whatever one had in mind would become a reality if he/she wished).
But, as the wheel of yuga (age) moved to subsequent yugas (ages) man’s inner strength gradually diminished.
(Kritha yuga= Thretayuga= Dwapara yuga =kali yuga)
This movie does not have a leniar story line which often has a blending of a series of incidents.
The movie is a realistic portrayal of continuous natural thoughts that flows through human consciousness.
We are looking for some one who can produce the movie.

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