Harvesting the Wasteland


Original title: Lykkens Grøde
Genre: Single documentary
DUR: 55/70 min.
Screening format: DigiBeta/16 mm film/dvd
Release: 8 March 2008, NRK
Directors: Karoline Grindaker and Hilde K. Kjøs
Producer: Hilde Skofteland
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Three generations of the Lykken family live under the same roof on a farm in the remote village of Lykkja (Happiness) in Norway. A mother-in-law and a daughter-in-law govern this traditional household side by side in a place where there is really only room for one of them.

Beautifully photographed, in a quiet and intimate manner, the documentary reveals the tense atmosphere in the house. No one wants to be unkind, still it seems they end up hurting each other. We follow the complicated relationship between two women of different generations in their longing for purpose.

We enter the story at a time where the daughter-in-law starts questioning her life. At the age of 54, after living on the farm for more than 30 years, Marit finally finds enough strength to free herself from the traditions and leaves the farm. We follow her into her newfound freedom.

Main characters in the film:

Guri, the mother-in-law

Marit, the daughter-in-law

Nils, the husband

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