The Optimists

Orig. title: Optimistene
Genre: Single documentary
Duration: 92 min
Cinema release: September 2013
Director and DOP: Gunhild Westhagen Magnor
Producer: Ingunn H. Knudsen & Hilde Skofteland
Trailer: Click here to view trailer

Co-producer, Sweden: Stina Gardell, Mantaray film

The Optimists area a volleyball team of ladies from 66-98 years old. They practice weekly but have not played a match for 30 years. Now, there is a match coming up, but who is the team? According to rumour, it’s a group of handsome Swedish gentlemen across the border.

The film was the Closing film at Haugesund 2013. Winner of Gledesprisen, Haugesund 2013. Cinema release in Norway, Sweden and Denmark

Contact at Skofteland film AS:

Hilde Skofteland
Executive producer
Phone +47 23691223/ + 47 90775786

10 kommentarer på “The Optimists


I saw “The Optimists” yesterday in a small cinema in Germany. Playing in a getting-older-together volleyball team (45-65), I was fascinated and would like to buy this film on DVD. Can You please tell me, where I can get it?

Günter Maier

I just saw the trailer on Facebook and would love to know how to view or purchase it in the USA! It looks wonderful.

Please tell me where we may purchase “Optimisterna” with English subtitles. Thank you.

I’ve looked everywhere I could think of online but I couldn’t find your film – I would very much like to see it 🙂 Will you distribute your movie in the US and/or Canada? Cheers!

you can buy it from vimeo now 🙂 hence issue nr2 – how to solve the problem with subtitles (need a translation to Polish for my parents)

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