The Glamour Girls

Original title: Glamourjentene
Genre: Documentary series: 8 x 46 min.
Screening format: Digi Beta
Release: 5 March 2009 at 8:30 pm, TVNORGE
Main director: Gunhild Westhagen Magnor
Co-director: Anneli Hansen Frølich
Chief editor: Endre Vestvik
Producer: Hilde Skofteland
Trailer: Click here to view trailer


“The Glamour Girls” is a close and personal documentary series where we follow Helene Rask and her colleagues at Rask Models at work and in their private lives. The girls live very different lives, with their own projects and challenges; but what they do have in common is that they are all glamour models. Through eight episodes we get an honest portrait of life as a glamour model, both behind the facade and without make up.


Episode 01:
In the first episode, Helene Rask, the Model Mama herself, goes to Trondheim to record a single. She is looking for a new image – she wants to be more than two great tits. Besides, Helene is madly in love.

Jeanette Helen won “Glam Model of the Year” and is getting ready to move from Bergen to Oslo to start her full-time career as a glamour model. She is looking forward to being a member of Helene’s glamour team.

In Trondheim we meet Eileen and her boyfriend Kristian. Eileen is attending a photo shoot with FHM. She wants to become a painter and has an interest in posing and composition.

Kine Charlotte wants fuller lips. Despite her father opposing her choice, she injects restylane into them. Kine Charlotte is struggling with low self-esteem. She keeps comparing herself with the other girls and wonders why she became a glamour model in the first place.

Helene is very much in love.
Eileen dreames of becoming an artist.
Kine Charlotte is struggling with her self esteem. Jeanette Helen is moving from Bergen to Oslo to join Rask Models.

Particpants in the series:

Helene Rask
Eileen Kvaale
Jeanette Helen Bohnhorst
Katrine Nicolaisen
Kine Charlotte Antonsen
Linda Kristine Solbakken
Linn Chatrine Høyem
Natalie Henriksen
Contact at Skofteland film AS:
Hilde Skofteland
Executive producer
Phone +47 23691223/ + 47 90775786
E-mail: hilde at
Director and photographer Gunhild Westhagen Magnor filming at Ibiza.
Director and photographer Gunhild Westhagen Magnor filming at Ibiza.
Main director:
Gunhild Westhagen Magnor
Chief editor:
Endre Vestvik
Anneli Hansen Frølich|
Gunhild Westhagen Magnor
Odd Sprakehaug
Endre Vestvik
Caroline Woie
Trond Høines
Hilde K. Kjøs
Dan Korneli
Endre Vestvik
Jo Eldøen
Jacob Risdal Otnes
Haavard Hana
Kjartan Vestvik
Sound editior:
Lydhodene AS
Frode Løes Hvatum
Grafic design:
Bug AS
Svein Arne Nesøy
RED technician vignette:
Amund Lie
Magnus Rønningen
Linn Østensen Norberg
Production manager:
Heidi Wendel Vejling
Head of economy:
Siv Lemika
Tonje Vågen Aase
Hilde Skofteland
Production manager TVNORGE:
Astri Lundberg
Skofteland Film 2009

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